Bender the Robot…I mean “Mailbox”

I always say to truly enjoy life you need to stop and smell the roses. Well it’s not just your sense of smell but your eyes, ears and soul that immediately perk up when you take notice of the world around you. Sometimes this also means taking a chance, even if that chance might embarrass you a little. I say that because wondering off the beaten path is seen as strange behaviour these days. It amazes me that in this day and age I still get strange looks if I stop to take a video or picture of something. The look in their eyes suggest that I am either a tourist or weirdo, usually both. If you’re not sitting on a train or walking down the street with your eyes transfixed on your phone, well you’re seen as a bit of an oddball. Dare I say even an individual not above suspicion.

We live in a society where we are all the watch dogs of the city. “See something say something” can mean just about anything these days. So that “something” might just be you. If everyone is locked in their own space franticly scrolling a barrage of images on their phone, the person sitting there looking up at everyone, just might be the odd one out. My point is don’t let this deter you from enjoying the sights and sounds around you. You don’t have to be on holiday to do this either. If you look at things with fresh eyes, why even the bland commute to work can become a full blown adventure. So with that in mind I took the road less traveled and found this gem. A man and his robot.

What’s that you say ? It must be something mechanical or industrial of course. Well the slot should give you an indication that it is in fact a mailbox or postbox.

Bender’s the name and being gruff and funny is his game. Bending Unit 22 a.k.a. Bender Bending Rodriguez Sr and of course known to all as “Bender”. One of the top stars from the favourite TV show Futurama will certainly make the mailman “Postie” look twice. The brain child of Matt Groening (creator of the beloved Simpsons) Futurama was conceived in the mid 90s. If you’re not a of fan of both, I’m sure you have heard of or like at least on of the shows. Futurama is always funny and clever and The Simpsons (although I believe the first ten seasons are the best ever) are still going strong. The life size version here made from propane tanks and pool noodle arms may not have the same insensitive smart remarks as the real Bender, but he is awesome non the less. (Enter Bender saying) “I know it baby”.











Our resident Aussie Legend “Scotty” was more than happy to talk about his creation. Fry may be Bender’s best friend on the show but I think he has a new best friend in Scotty. The attention to detail is matched only by his ingenuity in using real world items such as propane tanks, pool noodles and even spark plugs for fingers. Mailboxes or Postboxes can certainly come in many forms (although pretty standardised in the U.S.A) so it shouldn’t really matter as long as the mail gets delivered. Not that I know of anyone getting mail, unless it’s a bill or perhaps grandma actually took the time to put pen to paper and write a letter. This would assuredly only happen if her mobile phone broke or WiFi went down. In any case the mail still comes, and why not give everyone a bit of a smile and chuckle as they drive by this little guy.

Check out the rest of the story on YouTube below. As you can see it will always pays off to stop and look at the world you’re in. Maybe even take a moment to speak to another human. This may seam strange unless it comes in the form of a text or email, but face to face conversation is a magical thing.

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