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A story can come from a combination of words, images and videos. In the end it’s up to you to choose what describes you best. Behind every life lived is a great story. ParadigmTV is ready to help tell it.


A self proclaimed film fanatic and lover of the moving and still image. Capturing a single moment in a frame can tell quite a story and video can give added layers to that story. I have always been there to capture the moment on film, video and now with devices that fit in the palm of my hand. Ask me about what I can create for you.


The Facts and the Fictions behind “Picnic at Hanging Rock”

Check out the latest adventure to Hanging Rock and the beautiful surrounding flora and fauna of the Macedon Ranges in Victoria, Australia. Picnic at Hanging Rock “For Real”. Join our adventure at beautiful Hanging Rock (traditionally known as Ngannelong). We will break through the fictional tales and find some facts. Is “Picnic at Hanging Rock” …


The story of “You” is the best story of all. Get your product or business known by creating a simple yet professional video. Show yourself and show off to the world, you deserve it. Contact me to find out the next step.